Felicia is a dynamic and professional business owner. She is personable, down to earth and knows wordpress inside out. Not only did she do a marvelous job re-working my website to a word press format (www.jfwaccountingservices.com), but she provide outstanding training which has allowed me to make the necessary changes to my website independently. You will enjoy working with Felicia and she will take your business professional image to the next level.
Jo-Anne Williams
CPA/MBA, Owner, JFW Accounting Services
I am a new entrepreneur who felt overwhelmed by all the back end tasks I needed to manage with my business. Just as I was about to throw my hands up, I meet Felicia at a women’s networking group and instantly knew I needed her services. During the time I worked with Felicia she was VERY available, responsive, and thorough. I appreciated that she helped me learn along the way, made recommendations based on my needs, and followed up our conversations with email. Felicia is knowledgeable so I am confident you will enjoy and appreciate working with her as much as I did!
Tosh Patterson
Tosh Patterson
Tosh Patterson
Felicia was easy to work with. I engaged her for several large research projects where she had to get to know my website really well. She learned fast and thought for herself. She asked the right questions and verified that she was headed in the right direction. I always appreciate that since it prevents wasted hours. Her research work was excellent and she formatted results in a highly readable form for my use. I feel comfortable recommending her to others.
Kelly McCausey
Kelly McCausey
Felicia is a very hard and conscientious worker. I have given her several difficult tasks and she has always completed them in a timely and very efficient manner. She is of good nature, professional, and dedicated person. Her top qualities are; provide great results, personable, and has high integrity. I highly recommend her.
Lorene (Angel) Doucett
IHN Business Solutions, LLC
Felicia Pratt has been such an asset to my company. I recently hired her as my Online Business Manager. Before Felicia, I was so overwhelmed and just didn’t know where to start. There is so much to do when owning your own business, and caring for a family- it’s really a lot for one person to handle. Since Felicia, I can breathe again. Her passion to help my business succeed, her expertise and management ability has skyrocketed my communications with prospects and customers. She brings me peace and an organized online environment and has relieved a great deal of pressure. Some things she has helped me with has been organizing my online social media and blog needs, setting up and managing my AWeber list and newsletter, setting up and managing my Webinars and Teleconferences.
LaTalya Palmer
CEO and Founder, Phoenix Rising Success Coaching