Marcus Sheridan Said My Husband Is Better at Entrepreneurship Than Me. WTF?

hubby and i-300Okay so maybe he didn’t use those exact words, but that’s what I got out of it, lol.

A few days ago I went to the Hubspot DC meet-up. I was so excited to go because this was going to be my first meeting since I received my inbound marketing certification from Hubspot (yup, I’m such a geek).

I never really used it and wasn’t sure how to make it work for me. So I thought I’d start hanging out with those who are great at inbound marketing and get some advice, tips, and strategies that I could share with you all. You know I do this for you.

Here’s Why My Husband Is Better!

So at this particular event they had Marcus Sheridan who is a Hubspotter (IDK if that is even the correct terminology) present to talk to us about content marketing. I’m so hoping we can get his slides because the info was great. But I really wanted to share one tip that stuck out for me. Oh by the way, if you don’t know who Marcus Sheridan is, then take this time to visit him over at The Sales Lion. He’s an AMAZING speaker who talks about content marketing. I’m not going to give you all his background here. So go over to his site and read up about him (once you finish reading this article of course).

Keep reading for the tip!

The advice or tip was C students are better than A students. WTF!!

Do you really believe that?

I didn’t have any judgement to that statement when he first said it. I simply wanted to know more about this. Especially since I was a C student in High School and then an A student in college. I wanted to know where did I go wrong or which student I need to tap into for success right now.

His reasoning for this is simple. C students do not strive for perfection. But the point is not to strive for being average either. The point is to get started.”A” students not only need to do research or create a plan, but all their ducks must be in a row before they begin.

Does this sound like you?

It sure sounds like me. In college, I had a plan and a backup plan. Then I had a backup plan for my backup plan. Even now when I design sites, I’m making sure every little thing is perfect before I show the client (that part of me probably won’t change much). But because I’ve been tapping into the”A” student side of me and making sure I have everything lined up just right (being totally transparent now), I have not done the marketing I need to do, or even written a blog in a few months. I felt like I didn’t have the right information, or my information would not benefit you or add value to the topic for you. I also felt as if I simply wasn’t put together enough. I wasn’t this nice neat package that made you believe I know my shyt. But what’s interesting is the not so perfectly packaged marketing I have done, has caught people’s eye and they are loving it.

So how did all of this relate to my husband?

My husband has been a C student all his life. It wasn’t so much that he did enough just to pass, basically he didn’t want to fail. He had something in mind that he wanted to accomplish and he did what he needed to do to accomplish it. If he didn’t know how to do it, at minimum he simply got it done and handed in the work. He would then ask for help so that it could be better. The goal wasn’t to be perfect. His goal was to graduate and in the midst of that he became better at doing the things he needed to do in order to graduate (and he graduated). In fact he ended up getting his Masters. This from a man who was told that he would never graduate high school, he would end up in jail, and have 3 or more baby mothers. Not only did society tell him that, but a teacher actually told him that to his face.

So when Marcus talked about striving for being better and not striving for perfection it made me reflect on my hubby. He’s always had an attitude to be better. He wants to be a better person. But you can’t be better if you don’t do anything at all. If you did nothing out of trying to make sure it’s done right then you simply end up doing nothing at all, right. What’s there to get better at?

I shared this with you because I have talked with a lot of people getting started and the main thing that everyone says is I want it to be right before I put it out there. I need to have everything looking just right before I could start marketing my stuff. What is done right? Does your audience even know what wrong looks like? The bottom line is everyone has an opinion, but be the one who actually makes moves so you can get better at as you grow. Remember when you started walking, it wasn’t perfect. You became better at it as you kept doing it, and I’m sure no one tells you the way you walk right now is wrong.

So get going and start Rockin the Web. People are waiting for you!
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