About Felicia Pratt

IMG_8839Felicia Pratt, CEO of Rocking Websites, is a web designer and marketing consultant who specializes in creating online platforms that are not only visually appealing but they also convert. She is described by her clients as being a dynamic professional who actually “gets it”, is easy to work with and one who knows wordpress inside out. Being on a mission to help women entrepreneurs and small business owners grow their business with their websites, Felicia takes the time to truly get to know them and understand their business goals and needs. Her commitment to their success coupled with her tech know how allows her to take their visions and turn them into rocking website that they are proud to call their own. Felicia has proven to be a web designer who not only gets her clients but one who helps them get the job done! Rocking Profits. 

Who We Are?

RockinWebsite is not only a business – it is a passion and dream bought to life! Felicia Pratt Ellis is a woman who is passionate and excited about helping your business ownership dreams come true. She has used her skills as a designer and marketing consultant to support the empowerment of women who are building their businesses in an uncertain economy. In that time, Felicia has helped numerous Women Small Business owners with achieving their business goals by providing them a websites to help the rock the webz. You can read their testimonials here!