5 Sites that are Killing it With Hero Images

What is a Hero Image: A few years ago there were a small amount of site using huge images as a main segment on their website. As time went on you started to seeing landing pages use large background images with a few words and a capture form. In recent years this trend has moved it’s way onto just about every site, that you will find tons of wordpress themes catering to the hero image.

But with everyone wanting to make sure they have a fresh and updated look online people tend to forget about the importance of conversion when it comes to this trend.

Yes you want to have a visually appealing website that people will love and it totally represents your brand, but you also have to remember that each page, and section on a page, should be working for you.

So to help guide you on this process here are 5 sites who I think are totally killing it with the use of hero images but also keeps conversion in mind.


hero - freshbooks

As you can see they have a clear headline and sub-headline that let’s you know what this site is about and the benefits to you the user. They also have a prominant call to action, dead smack in the middle. You can tell that their goal is to have you try their product and then become a customer.

Rich Page

rich-page here

Beautiful! Rich specializes in helping you optimize your site to increase your conversion rate. In fact he wrote a whole book about it. It’s from doing the activities in his book where I was able to calculate the conversion rate of my website. Excellent book.

So as a website optimizer you can see that he has used this space very wisely. When you visit his site, you know exactly what he does AND he decided to use his hero image to promote 3 different things. His free toolbox (growing his lists), his conversion services, and his book.



Slack has gotten it right as well. They have even placed a video right in the middle to help show you exactly how to use slack. This is a great way to use a testimonial for credibility. They two have a form capture to allow those who are really interested to take it for a spin.

If you notice from this page all they want you to do is sign up, or sign in if you already have an account. You don’t see any links to a blog, pricing, contact us, testimonials or anything until you scroll down.

Ginger Soul Records

hero - ginger

So you can’t see it in the image, however if you were to visit the site the record in the background is actually spinning. I LOVE IT! It has inspired me to not only try this for a client of mine, but it has also rekindle my love for headway themes.

As you can see he has a Headline and a sub-headline letting you know what he does and how does it benefit you the visitor. I can’t say it enough, I absolutely love this site, and Dave (note to self: Make sure that’s his real name) is super helpful and have some amazing tools for headway users.



Everytime I visit Hubspot they are doing something new with their home page. They make sure to stay up to date with web design trends, but never sacrifice optimization just for a trend.

If you were to visit the site their headline “Grow Your Revenue” changes to 2 other statements I believe which shows the benefits to you the visitor. Their sub headline shows their credibility by letting you know how many companies use their software around the world. Finally they have two, one could say 3, call to action. They want you to start a free trial of their marketing platform, learn more about their sales platform or scroll down for more information.

Over at Hubspot they discuss the important elements of a home page. Be sure to take a look at this infographic and share these elements with your designer.

These six companies are totally rockin their hero images. When you are ready to design, or redesign your site take some inspiration from these well optimized pages for your website success.