The $500 Websites are Dead.

Distressed Girl Holding Her HeadWTF!!! You want a professional website, but don’t want to pay professional website prices?Distressed Girl Holding Her Head

Ha!!! If only you could see my face right now!
“This posts is inspired by a reader who desperately wants a professional website, but does not want to pay $10,000. She’s ready to step up in her business, and be seen as a professional but wants to know where can she get great website at an affordable price.”

~ M.J. Sorreson
First thank you so much for emailing in this question. I really appreciate you taking the time to do so and feeling that I will give you a good and honest answer. So with that said, let’s get into my honest, candid answer. (Caution: Lots of WTFs).

We are all looking for deal. I totally get that.

But there are some things you just need to pay for if you really want to look the part. Here is an example:

I was out looking to purchase jeans, and I was getting very frustrated. I couldn’t find the right size and the right fit. I would go to one store and the jeans wouldn’t go pass my thighs. I go into another store and that same size is in the plus size. WTF is going on?

Shopping has now become the devil.

It feels as if I’m in that “in-between” size, where I’m not quite plus size, but I’m a little bit bigger than “regular” sizes (whatever that means). So what this means for me is shopping makes me feel fat and miserable. Then to top it off the women in the store┬ásaid to me “you will never find the right fit for you here”.

WTF did you just say to me?

But she was right. The stores I was going to were not designed for women with my body shape. She continued to share with me that the store I was in was basically a one size fits all kind of store. You know, for the sizes and shape of the women we see on tv. That made me feel a bit better (I think), but where do I shop now?

The young lady┬ábegan to tell me that I needed to purchase premium jeans if I’m going to find the right fit. My mind immediately went to premium, which in my head meant way to expensive. So I asked, what does that mean and she confirmed. Just great, I’m now going to have to pay an arm and a leg just for some darn jeans, is what I thought.

I really didn’t want to spend that much money on my jeans (or any clothing for that matter). However, I needed to really start presenting myself, and my brand, in a way that would begin to attract the audience I’m looking to work with. It was important that I finally looked the part. I’m good, in fact I’m great, at what I do, and with working out, creating my new brand and really coming into my own it was now time that I stood up on that stage and rocked it out myself.

This is the same idea when it comes to building your online hub (Your Website).

When you just start out the price you paid (or maybe you did it yourself) totally worked for you, your budget, and your knowledge and understanding of business and online marketing at that time. However, you have moved up to a new level in your business. You may or may not have hired a coach, but with your experience and the classes you have taken you understand how important your website is and how powerful this tool can be. So if that’s the case, (and forgive me if this is harsh) stop looking to pay $500 for a professional website.

If you really believe that having a website will help propel you to a different place in your business, then do what you have to do and hire the right designer that can get you there. I can tell you from my own experience that once I spent the time giving my website an overhaul to match my brand, not only has the traffic increased (along with my confidence level), but the type of people that inquire about my services has changed AND, my prices has changed too. The prices that I’m currently charging I could not get when I had my other site no matter how much I showed the prospect I knew what I was doing.

The bottom line is this, if you really want something you will pay the money for it. How many things have you paid for that yield nothing in return, but you really wanted it so you made a way. This is the same thing, the only difference is this is for your business (your life), something you believe in that you know deep down that you if you had it (along with the right designer who understands marketing) then you know it will present your business in a better light.

You may be nervous that as you grow you will want something different and have to pay again. And that is so true. You website just like your business is a work in progress. You may have to change things up once or twice a year and that’s totally okay. It’s called marketing.

That’s my long two cents about that. If you already have a website, that you did yourself or you paid less than $999 for and you don’t feel it looks professional, and you are looking to stay in that price range, then you are really not looking for a website and the expertise that you need to put you on that next level.

Can we finish this Convo?

It’s time to rock the webz with some tips, questions and advice from you. We want to know your thoughts. Do you think you can still find a professional website that gives you all that you need (when it comes to marketing) for $500 or less? If so share with M.J. where and how to go about doing this below. This is your opportunity to show, share, teach, and be an inspiration to others..