Biz Growth: What The Coaching Program Failure Taught Me

crying babyI have been in business for over 5 years!

However, it’s only been in the last few years that I really decided to take this whole side business serious.

By doing so I started to seek out help to tighten up my branding, messaging, marketing and finding new ways to make money.

On this journey I’ve learned quite a bit about online marketing and I’m constantly sharing, and teaching others. As I look for more clients to design their websites I began to notice a trend of people inquiring more about branding, social media marketing, and how to get more traffic to their website. I thought wouldn’t it be a great idea to teach a small group the exact steps I learned to help me bring in an influx of client when needed.

So I did!

I put together a small group of ladies and in 8 weeks taught them just about everything I learned that’s currently working in online marketing.

It was a great group of women, and they really enjoyed the content I was giving them. It was forcing them to think differently about their goals and plans, stretching them, and some were actually able to see results within days of implementing some of the strategies that I taught them.

Not too shabby for my first go round, eh?

Well my next step was to offer this program again, but stretch it out over a 3 month period and increase the price.

I went ahead and created a landing page, made the infographic, started to work on my emails and get testimonials from each and every women that was in the program. Picked a date for the start of the program, and outlined all the steps that I was going to take in order to fill my program.

I found myself getting a little nervous as I was coming down to the date to start marketing and because of this some steps were not completed prior to the date. But I thought that would be fine, I can just fill it in as the days and weeks go by (please DO NOT do that.)

The day came and it was time to start marketing.

I set up my facebook ads, analyze them to see which ad converted the best. Sent an email out to my list and started to do a few sales conversations. Scheduled some follow up emails and simply waiting for the next steps.

After a few weeks, I started to feel discouraged. I was having phone conversations with a few people (not as many as I would like) and no one seemed to be interested enough to pay to be apart of the program. WTF is going on? Before the start date of the program I had totally checked out and therefore had no one signed up in the program.

What really happened?

A lot of things can be said about the failure of this launch. One can say that I was not properly prepared, did not implement all avenues, gave up, and maybe I was not totally committed. And to be honest I agree with all of that.

  • I was not totally committed because if I was I would not have became discouraged or bailed after a few weeks into the marketing.
  • I was not properly prepared and because of this I did not implement everything that should have been implemented. Instead of things being automatic I was left with having to keep an eye on the entire cycle. This is not a bad thing, it was just not want I was committed to do at the time.
  • I did give up! Because I wasn’t seeing the sales in the first few weeks, I talked myself into believing this was not a good plan and no one was going to sign up. So I bailed.

What I learned from this launch.

As you can see many things contributed to the failure (all those many things included me). But on this path the one thing I am committed to is learning. I didn’t want to be another entrepreneur complaining about strategies that don’t work. So I sat back and really thought about what could be done differently. Here are a few things that I came up with:

  1. Just because it worked on a small group once doesn’t mean it will work on a larger scale – Maybe take the time to survey those in the group to figure out how to make it better. Offer the program again to another small group for the same time frame.
  2. Learn how to do a proper program launch – As my good friend and amazing copywriter Shanshera Quinn has taught me, there is a difference between a launch and a release. I started to look at program launches of other consultants and entrepreneurs and I noticed a pattern. These patterns I did not implement at all. In fact what I did looked more like a release. A release is fine if you already have a large community to release a program to.
  3. Survey my audience and see what they want – Entrepreneurs come up with great ideas (me too). But people do not generally buy what we think they need. They buy want they want. Do more research and make sure to give my audience what they want.
  4. Grow my list – Grow my email list… Enough said!

Will I launch this program again? Honestly I’m not sure. I’m more focused on growing Rockin Websites. Having a coaching program is a whole separate business in itself. I have services that I’m looking to launch in the upcoming months and new year so the time is focused on that. However, the lessons learned in this venture will definitely carry over and make for more success in the future.


Your Turn to Rock!

Have you failed at something on your business journey and it turned you off? Or maybe it brought more success to you in the future? Share it below in the comments area and let’s continue the thought?

I read all the comments so I can’t wait to connect!