If You Build It, They Will Come


I was talking to my niece who recently started her own business as an Administrative Consultant. She left the DC area, moved to NY and within a matter of weeks landed her first gig. And she did all of this without having a website. In fact, she had no business card, or a name for her business. She just jumped out there with her guts and a bit of my experience that I have shared and landed her first client.

After being in business for almost 5 months she decided it was time to get a website. She wasn’t sure of how to start or where to start, so she called her trusty rock star aunt (that’s me if you were a bit confused) to help guide her through the process. Since her business is still new, she’s building a website on a shoestring budget. I mean probably a dollar store shoestring (lol). So she needed to be wise when it comes to her spending. I provided her with some ideas, and tools so that she can get up and running. She was super excited! But then the fear and doubt came creeping in. She said to me:

“What if I put this website up and I start to get flooded with requests and I can’t handle it all.”

My initial thought was to laugh, roll my eyes and say “girl please, it don’t work like that, if it did everyone with a website would be overwhelmed with work” (and have tons of money), but I didn’t. I actually heard this concern before so I decided to discuss it with her from two different angles.

As an Entrepreneur

What is so bad about being flooded with request? – One of the things I’ve learned on this journey is when there is a problem you must find a solution. If you were to begin to receive tons of request why would that be so bad. That just shows that there is a demand for your services and you do good work. The other upside is that now you have an opportunity to grow. You can hire people, train people and begin to expand. Now that’s only an upside depending on your actual goals for your business. Another option would be to raise your prices and create a waiting list.

She actually really liked the way I was thinking and started to feel less anxiety around the entire situation.

As a Digital Marketer

It just don’t work like that – Some where as we start on this road to financial freedom, we get the big idea to start our own business. We know that it’s very rare that someone picks up the yellow pages (does that still exist) anymore because it’s now online. So we know we need an online presence. Our thought pattern leads us to believe that since everyone is online, once we build a website we will get tons of business. Even various companies will help confirm this by their commercials.

You know the commercials where Jan has a business, Jan decides to build a website, with one click Jan is servicing customers all around the world. Ummm yeah it don’t work like that.

You see, these commercials, and some mentors & coaches, dumb down the process so it will be easier for you to understand the importance of creating your online hub. But the reality is it takes quite a bit of marketing to get the traffic you need to be flooded. In fact, not all traffic is the “right” traffic. You could get tons of traffic and no one finds your service relevant. Also, what I see that can happen is you get targeted traffic but your site is not set-up correctly to convert that traffic into leads. So people have no way of getting in contact with you, or they can’t figure out what the next step needs to be in order to hire you.

If it really was that simple, the number one questioned ask during consultations would not be “how can I get more traffic to my website?” There also would be no need for me to have this entire blog dedicated to showing you our successes and failures as we increase traffic to our website. ? Like the plug.

With all of this some may begin to believe well what’s the point of a website. By no means am I saying you don’t need a website. But please know that there is a process and a system to getting traffic to your site, converting that traffic into leads, and finally making that sale. Don’t fall into the trap of believing once you get this website up and running customers will be lined up at your virtual door. Also, don’t let the thought of not being able to serve all those customers be the reason why you don’t get online. Building your website is simply the first step to letting everyone one know about your business.

Always remember this saying by Rand Fishkin, an SEO expert over at MOZ, “I hit ‘publish’ for the first time, and everyone just showed up” – said no blogger ever.”