How to Increase Website Traffic

girl on black top on a white backgroundThe traffic to my website totally sucks!

Ugghh, did I really just say that? (facepalm)

That statement is completely embarrassing. Not only because this is a web design & development company, but also because I spent the time getting my Inbound Marketing Certification from Hubspot.

The truth is I devoted so much time into making sure I understood the components that my clients would need to have a website that converts visitors into customers that the time spent on the marketing arm of the business was little to none.

Well that’s not entirely true either.

The strategies and tactics that I’ve used and implemented were short-time strategies to make sales quickly. But no plan or thought was given to a long term strategy.


My Website is Not Getting Any Traffic


The realization occurred while I was contemplating how I can optimize this site for better conversions.  I’m always on the look out on how a website can really aid in the marketing and conversion process and because of this I find myself reading tons of books. One book that I’ve been reading is called Website Optimization: An Hour a Day by Rich Page. I must let you know that this book is pretty darn good, and maybe I’ll do a review about it once I finish, but here’s a really quick one regarding the the first month in the book.

During that first month of learning to, or getting prepared to, optimization your site the author really goes into the purpose, and why you should optimize your site for conversions. He also gives you some tools that you can use in order to get going. I spent some time calculating my current conversion rate based on the book, which was quite low.How to increase website traffic

I knew it would be that way because although my site has everything needed to convert, I really don’t spend the time on implementing the strategies used to bring traffic to my site.

How can that be? Easy, this company has grown strictly due to referrals. Referrals have been, and still are, the backbone of the way we have acquired partners, team members, and clients. We absolutely love referrals. But it was time to include other long-term strategies to grow this company.

As I spent the hour a day calculating the current conversion rate, as well as researching and testing conversion tools I realize that my website was not getting any traffic. Yes it was getting some traffic, but not enough to get real data once I start testing. The traffic to my site was so low that doing any test could result in launching a version of the site that really was not optimized well.

Was an increase in traffic that important to me and to the business? I mean we are doing pretty well with current clients giving referrals, so why did this one thing start to stick out in my mind. I’ll tell you why. First one of the main question I get from clients is about getting and/or increasing traffic to their current site.  The belief is if they have more traffic coming tot heir site, then certainly they will increase their sales. The second reason is why on earth did I get an inbound marketing certification if I wasn’t going to use it (lol). I really want to put the tactics and strategies I have accumulated over the years to the test in my own business.


How to Increase Traffic To Your Site?


So I have made the decision to commit to learning and documenting a way to get traffic to your website. This means that you get to go on a journey with Rockin Websites to see what is working, what is not working and why. This will be huge for you because you get to see real analytics, strategies and tactics that are working. I have found there are a lot of people out there giving a variety of information that just may not work for your business. Don’t be afraid to not do that particular strategy if it’s not working for you. Like Alex Turnbull shared over at the Groove blog don’t be afraid to say “Screw it”. Don’t be afraid to go against the status quo when it comes to doing what’s best for your business.

So here are a few steps that I have taken so far.

Look to see what startups are doing and doing well to not only increase traffic to their website, but it also resulted in an increase of revenue. What I found that they all had in command was Content Marketing.  Every start-up that I started to follow and look to for inspiration primary focus was content marketing. I’m not just talking blogging here, but a real strategy that you can track and show that has not only increased visitors, but subscribers and customers.

Next I’m going to create and document a content marketing plan. According the research done over at The Content Marketing Institute, marketers who have a documented their strategy seem to be more effective. What does it mean to be effective? One way is being able to track the return on investment.

Also, I stop being afraid to ask questions. For the founders and companies that I follow, I subscribe to their blog and when I have a question, I ask it in the comments or hit the reply button and ask a way. What’s great about this is they actually respond to you and give you the answers that you are seeking.


I want to here from you!


So now it’s your turn. Go ahead and comment below on what are some things you want to know about increasing traffic to your site. I would love it if you can share what you have learned as well. And if you are interested in knowing what we are doing to get our traffic rising please go ahead and sign up below.