The Minimalist: Web Design Trends

Web Design at WorkAs a web designer it’s important that I stay up with the trends in web design (and in some cases predict the trends), and I do my best to do just that.

Last year as I was looking at ways to provide better quality to my customers and push my own design and development skills I noticed a few sites looking more like Apple. Very simplistic in terms of style and colors and not using too many effects. I fell in love.

I have always been a very simple person and it shows through in my work. I strongly believed that having too much design or effects on your website will repel people, and most importantly deter people from doing what you need them to do most. Hence the question for every client “What is the purpose of this website, and this page?”. So when it was time to do my own redesign I became my own client and researched what my new look and feel would be.

Why Minimalist?

Minimalist is also referred to as a flat design. As mentioned above it is very simple with minimal to no design. It’s really very basic.

Here are 3 great benefits about the minimalist design:

  • It’s Clean: Most people are looking for a “clean” website, no clutter. They are ready to have their audience take action and they do not want them to get distracted.
  • Scalabilty: Because the design is so simple it’s way easier to make this type of design look good on most, if not all devices. This is what is referred to as responsive. With different screen sizes, on just your desktop alone, you really want your website to look good no matter what device your audience is using.
  • Less Equals More: Because it’s so simple your brand really begins to stand out. People quickly get a feel of who you are, what you have to offer and can readily decide if you are the right fit for them.

It’s Your Turn to Rock the Webz:

What do you think about this design? Does it seem like something you like? Does it fit with your brand? Comment below and share your views.