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The Power of Why!

I absolutely adore my family. And having two boys at two totally different stages in life definitely keeps me on my toys. Our oldest is on his way to college, entering the real world. This is the time where he gets to begin living life all on his own. Making decisions by himself without us…Continue Reading

LadiesDC 5 Questions

How I got started, my thoughts on work-life balance, how women should help each other, are just a few things discussed in my 5 question interview over at LadiesDC. Ladies DC (LDC) is the founding chapter of Ladies America, a national network of young professional women connecting to advance one another personally and professionally, following the motto “Women…Continue Reading

Do I Really NEED A Website?

Heck Yeah you NEED a website!! At least that’s what your coach, friends and the random web designer told you, right? Honestly the answer varies depending on where you are in your business and what industry you are in. I have learned that many people have built a successful business without having a full blown…Continue Reading