Things are about to heat up!

heatmapDo you watch the news in the morning?

Every morning while getting dress I have the news playing on TV. Specifically so I can get the weather report. This let’s me know how cute I can dress for the day.

What has always been interesting is when they begin to talk about storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, snow storms anything. If it’s going to be something serious they show you the heat map to let you know the severity of the storm and which area has the potential to be hit the hardest.

This is valuable information because it allows you to assess your current situation and give you a chance to prepare for your next move.

Have you ever used a heat map to see how well your website is performing?

Most of my clients come to me because they are at a point in their business where something is just not working for them anymore and usually they believe it’s their website.

They have been doing all the various marketing tactics out there such as, blogging, creating sales pages, email marketing, and so on but they are not seeing an increase in traffic or an increase in leads and therefore they are not making any money.

When something like this happens you really begin to wonder WTF is going on?

In their words they begin to think that maybe they need a more professional site that represents who they are. By blogging more on this new professional website that will surely increase the amount of people coming to their site and therefore their sales, correct?

Well…….Not necessarily!

There could be a number of behind the scenes things going on why you are not getting the sale. And at this point you really need to use a few tools to help you asses the situation.

Just like using heat maps to determine where the storm is, and how threatening it can be, you can use a heat map to determine what actions visitors take on your website (or lack of action). Once you receive this information you are now in a better position to make the necessary changes that can generate more qualified leads.

Like most entrepreneurs (myself included) we follow most, if not all, the advice that’s given to us by entrepreneurs we perceive to be doing well and by our coaches. By no means are these wonderful people giving us bad advice. The advice given if implemented correctly can and will lead to an increase in traffic. However, if your website is not well optimized when that traffic hits, your lead may trickle in and they may or may not be qualified.

You are really just shooting in the dark.

This happened to me. In fact it happened to me quite recently. I made a rockin upgrade to my website and I just new that would do it. That would totally let people know I am the real deal and I know my shyt. I started to blog again, highlighting my clients, and really just being me. Yet I was still getting my leads through my usual strategies. I’m not upset about that at all. But I know my website, and any other website, can really aid in getting more qualified leads.

So the very first thing that I did was to look at a heatmap of my website so I can find out some preliminary data. What shocked me was although I had all the elements needed for a rockstar home page, according to hubspot, people still were not clicking on the desired area to move on to the next step. Why? It could be a number of reasons, but because I took one step in looking at an overall picture of what people are doing or clicking on when they land on my website it allowed me to begin to analyze what’s going on and create some recommendations and next steps to make my website capture more leads.

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Can we finish this Convo? 
It’s time to rock the webz with some tips, questions and advice from you. We want to know your thoughts. Have you used heat maps? What tools, if any, are you using to help you have and keep a well optimized website? Share with us below the tools you use. This is your opportunity to show, share, teach, and be an inspiration to others..