IMG_jeans_steps_1-circledYou Totally Rock! I bet you have a website that you are not completely happy with.

You may have done it yourself or had someone else do it, but it’s just not getting the job done.

It’s not attracting traffic, turning visitors into subscribers or prospects, am I right? 

Well you are in luck! I have quite a few years of experience in web design, and it doesn’t hurt to get a little bit more work. 

So……. I’m offering free mini website audits and advice for all those that visit this site and just want to know what they could do to make their website a bit better. This is my thank you to you for taking the time out and stopping by this site.

To get your free mini website audit, complete the application below. Yes this mini audit is by application ONLY.  Once I receive your information I will review your site myself (yup me, not a team member), within the next 5 – 7 business days. Once I’m done I will send you an email with my analysis and tips. 

Please note that your willingness to have your site audited for free allows us, RockinWebsites, to use this recorded audit as content, and as marketing material. If you DO NOT want your audit to be featured on our blog, or used in marketing materials please DO NOT complete the form below and pay for a full website audit.

Rock Your Success,
Felicia Pratt

Mini Website Audit Application

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  • Website & Business Information

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  • Example: updating your opt-in offer? setting up a new sales page? updating plug-ins?
  • Put N/A if not applicable