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Bee Loving Bee Wise


Web Site Development

Rockin Websites rocked this website makeover!

Lauren Wyatt of Bee Loving Bee Wise was really looking to step things up in her business. She wanted her site to totally reflect her, and wanted something she could be proud of marketing.  Since she was working with a business coach we new she also needed a website that incorporated the key marketing, and lead generating elements that every website must have!

This project includes:

  • custom graphic
  • Social Media integration
  • Email marketing solution integration

Lauren 9Before I worked with Felicia, my website did not reflect me at all.My self-esteem was affected by it! I knew that I needed a change, but I did not know what to do about it. One day, I spontaneously chose to drive to Washington DC for a networking event for female entrepreneurs. Felicia was the guest speaker.  Right away, I trusted her.  I instantly booked a strategy session with her.

During the strategy session, she assisted me greatly! Her direct and honest approach—as well as her knowledge of design marketing—affirmed that I had found the person who was going to help me get my personal truth and approach across to anyone who visited my website.  She gave me expert advice on things that I could put into place with my current website and internet marketing immediately! I thought, “If she has already assisted me this much, I am so excited to see the finished product of my website!”


Felicia guided me through the entire process of co-creating my website with her. We talked about colors. We talked about internet marketing. We talked about layouts. She kept me updated throughout the entire process and one day, my website was finished!


The final product was such an accurate portrayal of who I was and how I served my people! I now have confidence each time I refer someone to my website. Before I worked with Felicia, my website was a cute little apartment and now it is a gorgeous estate! I have confidence! Now, my website reflects me!

-Lauren Kay Wyatt, www.beelovingbeewise.com