RockinWebsites can certainly help you with that! We offer a variety of packages that will fit your business needs.

The way your site looks and feel will help someone determine if you are someone they want to work with, even if you are the best in your industry.  More and more people are asking to see someone’s website before they even begin to work with them.  When was the last time you felt confident enough to send someone to your website right before you closed a deal? Do you get nervous, and stutter when they ask for your site? Or Do you give them some sort of caveat as you are giving them your url address?

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Our Process

Your business is unique and important to you! And because of this we take time to making sure your site not only Rocks, but Rocks a profit. Every site is designed from a marketing standpoint. We reall work with you to make sure your site support your business goals and your marketing efforts. We do this by:

  • Market Research: We take the time with every project to get to know you, your biz, and your audience. This process is extremely important to your brand and your conversion.

  • Analysis of Project: Based on our meeting with you, research, and our marketing knowledge, we can recommend a plan that will help you rock the webz.

  • Design & Creation: This is where the magic begins! We take everything from the previous step and design the site of your dreams.
  • Development & CMS: We take that AMAZING design and bring it to life. Your site is not only beautiful, but it is fully equipped with key marketing elements you must have.

RockinWebsites specializes in the WordPress platform simply because it is by far the most robust and the most flexible content management system (CMS) today. It can be used in a variety of ways to support your business needs. Whether you need to add a private blog for your company, a public facing blog for marketing and/or customer relations, an e-commerce solution, or even do a website overhaul, WordPress is the platform for you.

Getting Started!

When you have a website that is working for you, you feel more confident.  You will want to share your website more and people will begin to seek you out for your services.  Ready to get started?? Let’s discuss your project in more detail by completing the from below.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

How much does a website cost?

I would be doing you a disservice if I were to quote you a price without knowing what your needs are. The price can vary from project to project. How about you schedule a complimentary, no obligation strategy session and let’s discuss what your need. Complete the form at the bottom!

How long will it take?

Our average time takes 6 – 8 weeks. However depending on the project and the deliverables the time can be shorter or longer.

What's the Process?

Great question!

We discuss this over to the left so check it out!

Do you offer payment plans?

Get on the phone and let’s see! LOL

But seriously, If you are reading this question then, just go ahead and schedule a complimentary consultation. We do our best to make sure you have what you need with a manageable payment structure. Complete the form at the bottom and let’s get started.

"Working with Felicia and Rockin Websites was one of the most satisfying business relationships I've ever had!  I heard her speak at a quarterly meeting of a women's entrepreneur group and I was immediately impressed with her knowledge, sense of humor, and her reminders that our websites should be building our client lists and making us money. I kept her card and six months later when I was ready for a new website I signed up for a complete redo of my existing one. The entire process was PAINLESS, professional, and the I LOVE MY WEBSITE!  Felicia delivered more than she promised, earlier than planned and I got two additional educational benefits I wasn't expecting: I learned about many tools for email marketing and business organization AND she created an instructional video for me (using my own website) on how to edit my website, add features, and manage it myself as I grow and expand.  Felicia is the real deal, her energy is positive and generous, and I am a more powerful and savvy entrepreneur for having worked with her. Three thumbs up!"
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Andrea Haynes
Owner, Abounding Spirit
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